Instant Ortho Shoe Lock
Instant Ortho Shoe Lock


Did you know that you damage your feet with every step you take?  
In fact, 220 million Americans will suffer with some type of foot-damaging effects or discomfort in their lifetime.
I’ve got an amazingly simple solution for you, which is a well-engineered, fashionably designed device, thoroughly developed and invented by one of the top inventive gurus, awarded full patent status by the United States Patent and Trademark office. It has been thoroughly field-tested for many years, and endorsed by many board-certified foot doctors.  More than $100,000 has been invested in this amazingly simple solution, which is perfect to be used on your shoes for walking, running, exercising, and everyday general use for many health benefits.
As a board-certified foot doctor and surgeon in practice for over 15 years, I’ve found it troubling to know that my shoes and their laces and bows, the very things that are supposed to protect my feet, are major contributing factors of preventable foot-damaging effects and discomfort. 
If you suffer from some type of foot related concern, you should protect yourself from the damaging effects of improperly functioning
 laces and their bows.  
Your feet are machines. They are a unique orchestration of bones, ligaments, and tendons. Their functions are not found anywhere else in the human body.  Your shoes and their laces and bows are an extension of your body, and should be designed to work in harmony with your feet.  If your shoes and their laces and bows are not worn properly, they could result in damage to the nerves, bones, ligaments, and tendons of your feet.
First of all,  nobody likes to tie and untie their shoes, let alone, on average, tying a shoe that takes 15 -30 seconds each time.
Let’s say you tie and untie your shoe just once a day.   That is handling your shoelace 365 times to tie, plus 365 times to untie, or 730 times a year.  Now multiply that by 2 shoes. That is 1,460 times. 
When you consider how much time you spend tying, untying, retying, double-tying… even triple tying your shoes, the time and frustration really starts to add up.   
Just imagine how many tedious, wasted hours that is each year...
…also, to think that you are spending that much time with something that is potentially damaging to your feet?  It’s absolutely crazy!


May I introduce you to the amazingly, simple, Instant Ortho Shoe Locks.
Instant Ortho Shoe Locks work with your existing shoe laces and offer an orthopedically healthy solution…
Your feet are your most important mode of transportation.  Billions of dollars have been spent every year on treating symptoms of foot-damaging effects and discomfort.
The secret to Instant Ortho Shoe Locks is that they provide a quick locking/unlocking technology with unique health benefits for preventing foot-damaging effects and discomfort, by providing the opportunity for consistent, dynamic lace tensioning that promotes proper foot health and support.
In order for your feet and shoes to work properly, your shoe laces need to meld your feet and shoes together, orthopedically, so that they function as a single unit.   Instant Ortho Shoes Locks do this with a simple flick, which automatically lifts the shoe tongue to its maximum height, centers its alignment, and locks it in place. Not only does this result in perfect, consistent, overall shoe tension, every time, it also gives the ankle the proper padding it needs and the necessary support to the foot to consistently provide an energy-return when walking and running.  Magnets or plastic parts could damage the nerves, bones, ligaments, tendons, and their functions over time, because these kinds of products  easily fatigue, stretch, slip, or malfunction.
In contrast, Instant Ortho Shoe Locks are a simple, one-piece feather-weight metallic design that make a classy fashion statement, and are engineered to refine the function of your shoes, and they’re built to outlast them.
The functional laced shoe demands an average tension of 10 pounds which must be maintained, but unfortunately, is slowly lost through the failure of the bow. Instant Ortho Shoe Locks are designed to accommodate up to 10 pounds of tension without the loss of dynamic lace tensioning for superior handling, durability and reliability. 
The typical shoelace bow is a fancy “granny knot in disguise”, and begins to slip and loosen with the very first step taken after tying your shoes. As a result, no active interplay of the shoe and the foot will take place.    
Instant Ortho Shoe Locks can lock and unlock your shoe laces, instantly and correctly, uniquely providing your feet with both safety and multiple orthopedic benefits.
Instant Ortho Shoe Locks are perfect for almost any everyday activity such as walking, running, hiking or exercising.
They are also a safety benefit for people working in potentially hazardous environments, such as factories, or restaurants.  In addition, their ease of use is also beneficial to those with limited manual dexterity or hand strength.  Up to now, the messy, damaging bow has only survived, because it is the only viable choice, but it is not a healthcare solution, and it lacks the necessary, orthopedic benefits.
You see, the laces should not loosen and should not be elastic. They must have a fixed length that can be dynamically recruited automatically, where and when it’s needed.  This is how a tendon works in the foot.  Tendons typically do not stretch.  They are a fixed length, yet can adjust length and tension via their muscular attachment. Just imagine the damage that would occur to foot function if these structures were to tear or could not move with you when you walk.
In addition to all the necessary, orthopedic benefits, Instant Ortho Shoe Locks also, save time by fastening and unfastening your shoes instantly and correctly. One flick of the fingers and you’re ready to go.  They also provide more safety by eliminating those hazardous, unhealthy bows.  
Instant Ortho Shoe Locks are lightning quick, convenient, durable, safe, adjustable, and easy to use for people of most ages.  They’re sporty, yet fashionable, formal yet casual, quickly adaptable and greatly enhances your individual, footwear style...
…but most importantly, they provide you with the orthopedic advantage of Dynamic Lace Tensioning that the natural foot has shown to be so important for healthy foot function.



I am Dr Paul Clint Jones, a board certified foot doctor and surgeon in practice for over 15 years.  Instant Ortho Shoe Locks have been endorsed by several board certified foot doctors as an excellent solution for ensuring proper foot health and safety.

Every single day I encounter people with a plethora of complaints, all involving foot pain and discomfort.  From ankle injuries and tendonitis, to the extremely common, and very painful, plantar fasciitis.
My passion is addressing and caring for people with foot problems.
I have teamed up with one of the top inventive gurus, who has invented this fantastically simple, non-invasive device that addresses many of the healthcare concerns of my patients.  With his inventive expertise, and my extensive medical background in extremity biomechanics, we’ve spent more than 10 years developing and thoroughly field testing this fully patented invention.
A substantial financial investment of more than $100,000 has been made into Instant Ortho Shoe Locks from development and engineering to testing and patenting.  Over several years, using extensive real-world field testing in multiple countries, they have proven to be built to last and simple to use.  Instant Ortho Shoe Locks are molded from durable lightweight alloy with a beautiful finish and they are as functional as they are fashionable.


Here's the cool thing. We've already developed the Instant Ortho Shoe Lock.  We've already engineered the Instant Ortho Shoe Lock. We've already tested and patented the Instant Ortho Shoe Lock. We've already established supply chain management minimizing the the risk to you. 

 Together, let’s put an end to the hazardous, unhealthy bow and start walking, exercising, working, and enjoying a healthy-foot life, with Instant Ortho Shoe Locks.  

Instant Ortho Shoe Lock