Instant Ortho Shoe Lock
Instant Ortho Shoe Lock
Instant Ortho Shoe Lock

I recently bought the instantorthoshoelocks.  After doing a five mile (5.18) course, my feet felt much better than they ever had before using the shoelocks.   The course had branches, twigs, fir cones, etc due to the recent storms and my shoes absorbed and cushioned more of the twisting that happens when the shoe doesn't come down flat.  

It is really good when an items does what it is suppose to do.  The shoe lock does.  It also has other benefits.  You don't have to worry about your laces coming loose, getting caught in branches, etc all of which may cause lost time and injury.  Just the ease and speed of getting in and out of your shoes makes these worth it.  They are also well built of good material and look very fashionable.

I think they are great and highly recommend them.
                                                                                 Bob G.​
                                                                                 Competitive Racewalker

P.S. Hey Paul, I still think these are the neatest things ever. How do I get more?​

I run on a regular basis to keep my diabetes under control.  I started developing heel pain, then I discovered Instant Ortho Shoe Locks.  After putting them on, my heel pain went away.  They are quick for putting on my shoes and my shoes just work better.  

                                                                                       Janet L.

I get up at 5 in the morning to go to the gym and prepare my workout gear the night before. If I don't do this, it takes me an extra 20 minutes fumbling around, while my mind is trying to wake up. 
This product eliminates one more hassle to think about. They're easy to install and use. I've run and exercised with these for over 3 months and haven't had any problems!

                                                                                        Kyle J. - Chiropractor

I have a pair of this shoe lock and I am ready to put them on my other everyday walk about shoes . I love the hook and go even if I have to just pull on the string to tighten it.No more sitting down to tightened shoe. They are great!

​                                                                                       ​Maria S.